FD-SSB Semi-automatic capping machine

Mechanical description

  • The semi-automatic capping machine is fully pneumatically controlled and is particularly suitable for the closure of bottle products.
  • Using a module made of a special material, the bottle with the cap is placed in the module, and the cap and the bottle are sealed by equalizing the air pressure.
  • Working in the cylinder mode, no power supply is required, and the module is mechanically stretched and sealed. The sealing is beautiful and firm, and the advantages are convenient operation and high speed.
  • Suitable for all kinds of bottles and covers for aluminum covers that require bottles.
Model Sealing diameter Cap height Suitable for bottle height Production capacity(pc/min) Machine weight Dimensions
FD-SSB Ø30mm 10mm 300mm. according to the worker's artificial speed 70 kg 455mm × 555mm × 1335mm