High-speed arrange bottles machine

Mechanical description

  • Built-in hopper space and arrange bottle turntable are dramatically reduce noise.
  • Con tact with bottles are stain less steel material.
  • Stainless steel body plus transparent cover, isolate external pollution and safety protect.
  • With user-friendly controlling screen easy to operation.
  • Provide arrange bottles trough static electricity remove device, ion air blow and dust catcher series.
  • PLC industrial control system.
  • Accurately turn bottle and exclude bottle recycling system.
  • Production speed up to 200 bottles or more, accordance comm on bottle size.
Model Power Power con sumption Air consumption Bottle diameter Bottle height Machine dimensions
LU-250 220V 50/60HZ single phase 2KW 3.5cfm 30-120mm 50-200mm L2210 × W1130 × H1420mm