Automatic air washing bottles machine


Japan PLC Industrial Control System
servo motor invert structure
Stainless steel 304 material
Air filtration system

Mechanical description

  • Use round plastic bottles with a diameter of up to 100mm and a maximum of 180mm.
  • Effective bottle length ÷ bottle diameter × 6.5 = one minute of processing capacity.
  • Additional purchase options: electrostatic treatment device, air outlet DOP99.99% filter combination, air wash replacement module.
  • The air-washing nozzle of the air-washing replacement module meets the GMP "Good Manufacturing Practices" standard.
Model Power Mechanical Dimensions Standard conveyor belt (adjustable) Effective bottle
220V single phase 50/60HZ 1225mm × 995mm × 1900mm 3230 height 915mm 600mm
220V single phase 50/60HZ 1495mm × 995mm ×1900mm 3230 height 915mm 960mm