• Well-known domestic biotech nutrition and health products pharmaceutical factory Video of transparent fish oil capsule counting machine inspection machine

    1. Fill a few tablets with 60 tablets per bottle, 100 tablets per bottle, packaging and inspection machine, counting tablets accurately
    capsule counting machine capsule counting machine capsule counting machine
  • L-900-1 type Home medical production packaging line-special bottle filling machine (feeding machine)

    Home medical production packaging line-special bottle filling machine (feeding machine)
    1. Customized machine-filling machine for the space of the production line of the client and the size of the product.
    2. The test product is a blood glucose reagent vial / medical drug vial.
    3. Cooperate with the client's production line or other machines. Bottles (materials) are automatically refilled when the bottles are missing (materials), and stop automatically after refilling.
    4. It is suitable for refilling operations of home medical production packaging line machines, such as refilling operations of blood sugar bottles and eye drops vials.
    feeding machine feeding machine
  • LU-1090 Bottle Cap Shrinking Machine

    1. The whole machine body is made of stainless steel.
    2. It is suitable for shrink packaging of medicine bottle caps in biotechnology factories, health food factories, and OEM packaging factories.
    3. Economic budget, simple and fast operation.
    Bottle Cap Shrinking Machine Bottle Cap Shrinking Machine
  • Custom Packaging Machine : bottle shrinking machine (miniature shrinking machine / custom machine)

    1. Customized packaging machine for bottle neck shrinkage.
    2. Applicable products: millet wine bottle or red wine, sesame oil bottle, bitter tea oil bottle, soy sauce bottle, etc.
    3. Applicable industries: food processing plants and wineries.
  • LU-1250 automatic counting machine

    1. Test machine product: No. 0 capsule.
    2. With the customized granule screening vibration disc, it can stably feed and accurately fill the granules. The customer needs to set 60 capsules per bottle, and the capacity can reach more than 50 bottles per minute.
  • 2021 Foodtech Taipei

    1. Date: 2021.06.23-26
    2. Location:Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1
    3. Booth :I0901a