Tablet counting machine (capsules)


Industrial 4.0 computer
Fraction screening function
Wafer control

Mechanical description

  • Use touching screen to control. Hopper capacity is about 30 liter. Applicable for every shape,color,size of tablets and capsules. With central dust collector can reduce dust addect counting speed. Comply with FDA regulation, supply 12 channels, 8+8 channels or 16 channels,24 channels etc.
  • Applicable bottle diameter 30mm-110mm,bottle height 40mm-200mm. Different pills do not need to change any component. A bottle can be set 1-9999 pills in it. Three floors shake transport pills track. Single track area have many sensors to make sure accuracy of counting.
  • This machine have in verted bottle detect device, few p川 s in tank detect! on device and arrange bottles system(automatic exclude abno rmal bottle, screen will show the cause of error and automatic subtract from the number of bottles.)
  • Automatic filling device have vibrate function, to avoid bottles stoppage and pills leakage. A automatic feeding machine and automatic counting machine 1 minute can run 5,000 pills in bottles, with oval flat tablets (diameter 10 thickness 4.5mm) and round flat tablets (diameter 6 thickness 4.5mm)
  • All components after change pills need to complete clean. But the machine do not need any tools disassemble can be quick to save time. Pills touching is stainless steel 316 and USFDA approved materials, could bear acid, alkali and wash by water.
  • Vibration plate use cassette barometric control, could disassemble without any tools make easy to clean.
Mechanical model Power Power consumption Pressure air supply
LU-1250 220V,50/60HZ,Single phase 1.3 kW 90 PSI (6 kg/cm2)
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