High-speed In-line capping machine

Mechanical description

  • Stairs-type conveyor belt transport the caps with low noise. If caps are going in the wrong direction, they will immediately be sent back to the hopper.
  • Floor Standing hopper allows you to easily refill caps without needing to climb up high. The machine has a high cap holding capacity; therefore, you do not need to keep refilling the caps often. This will help you reduce labor expenditure.
  • Chinese and English control panel, PLC controll system, stable and reliable operation with low noise. It is easy to operate and low maintenance. There are memory functions to program your settings for easy selection and operation.
  • Capping speed of 120 bottles per minute. Diameter of bottle caps/ bottle size/ bottle height in the capping machine can easily be adjusted without needing to replace any parts in the machine. Suitable for a wide range of caps and bottles - round, square or flat bottles.
  • Automatic sensors will detect insufficient capping torque, missing foil, capping not tight enough or not in place, and the machine will automatically remove it. When caps are stuck or capping has been fully completed, the machine will automatically stop.
  • This machine is made of Stainless Steel #304 with sandblasting.
Mechanical model Applicable cap diameter Applicable bottle diameter Applicable bottle height Mechanical size Power Power consumption
LU-120 20-65mm 25-100mm 45-210mm 2600mm × 1100mm × 2000mm 220V Single phase 50HZ/60HZ 1.75KW