FD-SSA Semi-automatic capping machine

Mechanical description

  • This machine is a semi-automatic capping machine. It is especially suitable for metal anti-theft caps, easy-open caps, aluminum caps and nozzle cap sealing and threading of various glass, plastic and polyester bottle mouths.
  • It is suitable for one of the necessary production equipments for various production and packaging production plants such as beverages, chemicals, drinks, medicines, and cosmetics.
  • The machine has the advantages of simple structure, stable lock quality, high production efficiency, convenient adjustment and simple maintenance.
  • This semi-automatic capping machine can be mainly used in the work of metal, plastic anti-theft cap, screw cap, aluminum easy-pull cap thread, cap and cap.
Model Power Working mode Lifting mode Machine type Workbench (bottom case) Material
FD-SSA AC220V 5A 50/60HZ Hand-held mode of electric lock (sealing) cover object. The average speed is continuously raised and lowered. Falling ground. stainless steel 304# material.
Lock (spin) cover diameter (mm) Applicable bottle height (mm) Machine size (mm) Machine net weight (kg) Production capacity (pc/min)
approx Ø30mm. according to the sample. 455mm × 680mm × 1560mm. about 111 kg. Depending on the worker's labor speed.