Air Heaters Shrink Machine


  • Suitable for biotech beauty factories, such as masks, lotions, high-priced skin care products that cannot be heated.
  • After packaging, the product will not be heated by the package, causing damage or deterioration or evaporation of the contents.
  • It can be partially shrink-wrapped for spray bottles or irregular products, and shrinkage is not easy to break.
  • Use a hot blow to shrink the package in four directions for optimum shrinkage.
  • Fast shrinkage to avoid quality changes caused by temperature rise of the container and contents.
  • The content liquid at lower temperatures does not affect shrinkage.
  • It can be operated after one minute of startup, and it runs fast, saving time and electricity.
  • Suitable for bagging and shrinking film of PVC, POF, PET, OPS, etc.
  • Made in Taiwan. Taiwan patent M452141, Chinese patent ZL201320025963.8.
Model Voltage Power Output Conveyor kg Blowers Heaters
CH-4WAY 220/240V單相50/60Hz 10kw L1600xW150xH720~780 105kg TYPE CX1/4A-0.18kw-1PHASEX2 Four groups are adjustable (1.25kw/50~250°C) Changeable mouthpiece 75~120mm